About Carlo Raffa

Carlo Raffa is a blogger, stand-up paddleboard enthusiast, water lover and local to Brighton city in the South of England. He runs a bike tour company in the U.K. called Jolly Explorer. You can book tours with them online.


Since 2013 I have been working as a cycling tour guide in Brighton in England. I love the job cycling around the city and along the seafront twice a day in both (light) rain or shine. As much as I love the hustle and bustle of the often eccentric city of Brighton there are times its nice to get away to relax.

For me, the nearest getaway to relax and wind down is not so much to head out of town, but actually just of the shore. In the high season, Brighton is heaving with nearly 15 million visitors all eager to have a good time and its very hard to get away for just a little peace and quiet to relax before my next bike tour.

Paddle Boarding allows me to just grab my board and walk right through the busy bar filled beachfront between the two piers in Brighton and head straight out of shore. It’s long before the shouting and cheering of our buzzing beach fade into just the lapping waves and the people to just small dots of the Brighton shoreline.

Paddle boarding is my escape and this is only the starting point. Being a larger guy at 260lbs I am finding it very good exercise as well, especially for building core muscles. This is something that believe it or not cycling 16 miles a day at 6 miles per hour doesn’t seem to be doing.

So with my new love for SUP, I decided to start this blog, so as I learn and discover great new things, you can too.