Nitro Boards are dependable, adaptable snowboards with a lengthy history. They are designed for intermediate/advanced snowboarders seeking a quality board with good flex and reaction. They’re good because of their consistent construction and responsive flex.

Snowboarding is a sport that’s been around for ages. However, as the practice grows, so does the number of available brands and boards. Nitro has been around for awhile, and product improvement is always a process that requires time. Newer companies might not match the quality and range of Nitro boards.

Nitro Snowboards

NITRO is a snowboarding gear company who started their distribution in 1990, with all of its vendors scattered across the globe.

Nitro also produces boots and bindings under the Raiden brand name, in addition to rocking snowboards. When these products are paired in conjunction with one another, they work optimally.

Nitro’s goods are all created in Seattle and then engineered with exceptional craftsmanship in Europe. Nitro’s outstanding staff, including Eero Ettala, Cheryl Maas, and Bryan Fox, thoroughly tests their products. Eero is one of the best freestyle riders globally, and his pro board is one of Nitro’s best-selling models, perfect for anyone looking for all-mountain performance.

The company has been fortunate enough to expand its offices across Canada, China, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and the US throughout the years, captivating audiences and gaining the capacity of having an in-depth view of all available markets.

Specific Snowboard Product Lines

The Nitro testers are committed to continuous innovation, looking for a perfect blend of flex and response. Trüe Camber offers the ideal amount of standard camber for reliable snap and riding with confidence. In contrast, the Reflex Core Profile provides a playful and yet responsive flex. 

Their TEAM SERIES is their primary source of income—an all-around freestyle board with high-performance features and a low price tag. You can buy the men’s Team board and the women’s version on Amazon.

The goal with the team series was to create a lightweight, all-around freestyle board that would outperform anything else on the market at a fair price. The board’s Powercore provides excellent ollie snap and landing stability on bumpy landings.

The Dual Degressive sidecut helps you spin-off jumps and keeps you from catching in your landings. It has a directed shape and is available in two sizes: standard and broad. The Sintered Speed Formula base is new for this season, ensuring that you don’t get caught if you’re ducking ropes.

Please be advised that we took an objective approach and went over numerous reviews to tell you the good and the bad.

Now that we’ve learned about the foundation of the creating company, let’s take a look at the factors that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a NITRO Snowboard;


Although weight recommendations are essential, we believe they should be addressed as broad guidelines rather than hard and fast restrictions. Weight recommendations sometimes cover a wide range, making them inaccurate, and businesses can adjust them from year to year without affecting the board.

Based on that statement, it is okay if you’re flexible with the sizing; however, it is recommended you review the size chart before purchase.

Here’s the size chart for NITRO BOARDS:  Nitro Snowboard Size Chart

Flex / Putting it on

Once acquired, the Nitro gear has a modest flex, but it requires some effort on snow, regardless of whether the weight guidelines were followed. Overpowering this ride with this snowboard is a challenge. For nailing an ollie, however, it has a lot of pop and intensity.

On Snow Feel

In comparison to other full-on camber snowboards on the market today, the Nitro team snowboard stands out. However, users have discovered that it can be tight compared to different snowboard hybrids currently available. To put it another way, you’ll need to be a skilled rider who knows how to handle all of the camber.

Edge Retention

In deep snow, it’s close to hanging, but you’ll have to slow down quite a bit when turning.

Turn Initiation

The turn initiates quickly from edge to edge, and it doesn’t slow down much until the sidecut is fully engaged.

Turning Experience

For a directional twin, the turn has a lot of pop and spring, and this is a really enjoyable board to turn on the hill.


Good glide to the base and speed dampening. Even if we return to the size board and utilize an overweight user, the nitro snowboard will constantly rate.

On an uneven surface

The nitro snowboard has been showcased to be quite good at turning about and powering over in the uneven and muddy spring snow. Whatever dampening technology the Nitro Team is using cushions the impact that some boards can have in the joints. It forms a protective barrier between the snow and your joints.


When you’re riding hard, you’ve got a backup! You have a second layer to safeguard the core when you scrape through your top layer. The jam is a dual-color design constructed of ultra-durable high-definition FH material.

Are they any good?

Nitro snowboards have gained mainstream popularity due to their cameos in the Olympics. They sponsor a lot of slopestyle athletes, and, as a result, we see their boards. 

Their benefit comes from the fact that they make great camber profiles and are inexpensive. Regardless of any limitations, Nitro has gained fame as a top contender next to newer brands.

They are the top-recommended brand for big riders, since bigger snowboards tend to be on the higher end on cost, and Nitro boards are priced competitively.


There are always compromises made when developing products, and this is particularly true with snowboards. With a wide range of rider size and riding styles, there can be a few limitations.

Some consider Nitro boards to be on the stiff side. This may not be the best match for inexperienced snowboarders.

Nitro Snowboards feature a robust feel and aptitude for all-mountain ripping. We wouldn’t be afraid to take it out on a powder day based on its shape, and it has a firm flex that delivers all the stability and pops you’ll need.

The board’s flex, on the other hand, inhibits its ability to play. This board is best suited for advanced riders searching for all-mountain performance daily.


Snowboarding gear will come down to your personal preference and the intention you’re planning to give to it. Nitro snowboards are a modern alternative.