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If you like the look and feel of this site and wonder how to create a site similar for your own niche, read on. I’ll share our secrets on this page. Note AquaSportsPlanet is an affiliate for all of the services we use, but that’s because I’ve researched and used many other products before finally selecting these. I hope you will find something helpful here for your own site.

Project 24 Income School

Project 24 is a methodical approach to building a web-based business using sound principles of providing good helpful content for your readers. No SEO tricks, backlink creation or other shortcuts are taken. Just write good content. Their 24 month process takes you from knowing absolutely nothing about creating and running a site to having 150+ well-written posts, an optional YouTube channel, and a target of $4,000 net income per month. Many members are even more successful by the 24 month point.

It isn’t easy, there are no shortcuts. It is hard work, but the resulting financial success can be life-changing if you stick with it. Whether you want a side-business, hope to create a full-time Income to quit your job, or have an extra source of income in retirement, you can accomplish your goal using Project 24.

There are many members in the P24 community that offer outsourcing of some of the recommended processes so that you can focus on the part of site ownership that most appeals to you. They also offer extremely helpful free advice every day. Many ultra-successful site owners contribute in the community regularly.

Content creation, YouTube channel development, Google optimization, latest affiliate trends, how to hire writers, using social media for site promotion, Ezoic Premium ad access, free tracking tools and more all included for one price. And they add new tools monthly. Annual renewals are cheaper than the first year. It’s the best site building bargain on the internet bar none.

If building a successful web site the right way for long-term Income appeals to you, check out Project 24 by Income school.

Acabado Theme

Free when you join Project 24, this theme is built for pure page loading speed and SEO optimization. No additional plugins are needed. CSS customizations are available for free from other P24 members. Take any link from this site and run over to Google’s PageSpeedInsights to test it.

If you like the advantages of this theme but don’t feel that joining Project 24 is right for you, the theme can be purchased at this Acabado by Income School link.

WPX Hosting

WPX (formerly WP Engine) is the fastest WordPress host on the planet. Search for reviews to confirm this. I’ve used BlueHost, GoDaddy and even a VPS private hosting company. None of them gave me the worldwide speed of WPX. And the interface is easy to use for new site owners as well as powerful for those who want to dive deep into file and database management on their own.

Their caching solutions work with W3 cache plugin to make your site available to viewers around the world from the servers closest to them. This means loading speed for a user in Europe is as fast as one in the US where I have the site primary host account. When I’ve experience a few minor issues, their service reps have responded to my chat requests within 30 seconds and solved my issues immediately.

If you already have a site or two hosted elsewhere, migrations are free and seamless. Give them the needed access, and just sit back and wait. I had a complex WP site with XenForo membership section and multiple members. I gave them my info, went to bed, and woke up to a fully migrated site without any errors or issues.

I have the annual 5-site business plan, but all of their plans are available at discount prices if you use the banner link below. Just click to see their latest prices.

Lightning WordPress fast hosting and 24/7 immediate support

Ezoic Premium Ads

Ezoic has an unusual approach in the web site ad space. Their primary distinguishing features are availability of site speed accelerator and AI deep learning algorithms that gradually improve ad placements on your site. You can control everything manually, or you can opt for user experience focused ads, balanced distribution or revenue-focused approach.

Their AI allows the system to display individual placement for every single user. If they detect certain users or certain ad placements result in a high bounce rate, the system will adjust to fix the problem so users get a better experience. Payment scale is much higher than Google AdSense. To see their minimum site traffic requirements, check out the banner link. As an aside, you can get accepted into their program at 1,000 pageviews per month as a Project 24 member, and the site speed accelerator is free for P24 members.

Nord VPN

When I travel, which we do a lot, I can still manage the site and all the attached accounts using my tablet. But I don’t always trust that airport, hotel and public WiFi networks are private and secure enough to trust for my work. After much research, I signed up for NordVPN 3-year plan, which I just renewed because I’m very happy with it. You can choose the specific country’s servers that you wish to use. When the work’s done, you can stream several video services and live sporting events that otherwise might not be available in your area of travel.

I’ve watched many college football and basketball games while in Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean. But it’s still a serious business tool that allows you to access your financial accounts and web site service tools without fear that hackers will steal your private information. Click the banner link to see latest prices.

Rated the fastest VPN in many independent tests

Final thoughts

Those are the premium tools used to create AquaSportsPlanet. Income School has played a huge role in the content created for this site. If you have an interest, hobby or career that you feel needs better coverage on the internet, ignore all the screaming pundits on YouTube and all the promises of SEO tools and backlink building, and just join Project 24. All of us in their community feel it is the single best value out there by far. They honestly could charge 4x the current price,and it would still be worth it.

If you check out the link and still aren’t convinced, visit their free YouTube channel and watch some of the free tips they share. The paid advice is much more thorough.

AquaSportsPlanet is the fourth web site I have created. It is by far the most fun I’ve had creating and running a site, and it is my most successful site to date. There is no doubt in my mind that the above tools all combine to create a value for our users. If you would like to earn a solid income from an internet business, consider joining Project 24 and then grabbing the above recommended services to get up and running properly from the beginning. Learn from my testing and mistakes, and get off on the right foot from the beginning.

Good luck!