Yes, snowmobile sliders are universal. Yet, they come in different presentations, with different colors and sizes. You can use any brand or model when it comes to sliders and make it universal. Sizes can change depending on the length of your skid.

In this article, you will find what you must know about this topic.

If I buy a snowmobile, will it come with a slider?

It all depends. Some brands add sliders when they sell their snowmobiles. Yet, many brands do not include anything. Remember, some sliders can be affordable, and you could buy them for your snow vehicle. If you plan to buy a snowmobile, do a little research and investigate if your snow vehicle will come with a slider.

Benefits of buying snowmobile sliders

There are many benefits related to this topic, here are some:

  1. Snowmobile sliders are affordable and cheap: You can easily buy a pair of sliders because they are cheap and easy to buy.
  2. Sliders are universal: This means that you can use a slider of any brand on your snowmobile.
  3. It protects the snowmobile as a whole: It preserves the aluminum railways, and it helps when you need to protect your rails from sudden damage. It supports the prevention, performance, and quality of your railings.

What is a hyfax? Are snowmobile slides the same as hyfax?

Hyfaxes are hard plastics that lay along the bottom edge of snowmobiles. They decrease the friction between rails when people use them in the snow. And yes, snowmobile sliders/slides are the same as hyfaxes. The only difference is that people call them sliders or slides, and others call them hyfax. This can be a regional thing; some people from Canada do not know or use this word. Yet, in the US, people tend to call them hyfax.

What is hyfax material?

This is just the material used on hyfaxes. Some of the elements used on hyfaxes are:

  1. Polyethylene: This is one of the most used plastics in the world. Polyethylene is strong, flexible, and highly resistant.
  2. Polyvinyl: This material is also used on hyfaxes. Yet, this one is not that common. Polyvinyl is a type of synthetic material that can mix plastic, resin, and vinyl compounds.
  3. Dense plastic: Dense plastic might be the closest to polyethylene. This one is used on hyfaxes, and it is connected with the bottom of the snowmobile’s sleds.
  4. Teflon sliders: The name Teflon is an abbreviation for the long term that this chemical compound has, and it is also the name of a brand. Sliders made of Teflon are resistant, but they can bend or melt with abrasive components or at high temperatures. At the same time, it is plastic too. Hiperfax sliders are made of teflon.
  5. Graphite sliders: Graphite is a mineral rock. In simpler words, it is crystal carbon. These sliders are highly recommended on hyfaxes because they last longer and are more slippery. 

What can cause hyfax wear?

Now, you will see what can cause hyfax wear or hyfax deterioration. Keep reading to find out what you cannot do if you want to take care of your sliders.

  1. Check out how many miles you have covered or traveled: Although mileage is not a 100% precise method, it can tell you if you need to change your sliders. If you see your slides working well and in good condition, you can leave them on for a bit longer.
  2. Examine the density of your hyfax: When your sliders are slowly wearing out, you need to examine how thick or dense they are. The reason behind this is that sometimes you cannot notice this with a simple glance.
  3. Too much friction and no lubrication: Sliders need smooth tracks full of good snow that can let them go fast without wearing out the hyfax.
  4. Harsh compounds or high temperatures: As mentioned before, exposing your snowmobile to these things is already wrong. Aside from ruining your engine, it can also wear out your sliders or melt them immediately because hyfaxes are made of plastic (most of the time).
  5. Using cheap material sliders: If you purchase low-quality slides, you will not use them for a long time. Thin sliders do not last long.
  6. Riding on poor condition tracks: If you do this, you will need to replace your hyfax with a new one. Using snowmobiles on dirty snow or ice is inadequate for sliders because it produces friction. As you might already know, clashing your snow vehicle wears out your hyfax.

If you want to conserve and take care of your sliders, you will need to take all of this advice. Ignoring this guide will lead to quick wear of your hyfax, and it will not last long.

Buying a hyperfax is worth it?

This is a question that many snowmobiles owners might ask themselves if they have never used one of these sliders. There are many opinions on this; some people say that buying a hyperfax is a waste of money because they are expensive. You could buy more regular sliders with that money. On the other hand, many hyperfax owners say that they have never experienced issues with these products.

People often mention that if you want to buy a hyperfax, keep in mind that you will need to use your snowmobile on a clipped track. Using a hyperfax in an unclipped way can ruin the quality of your slider.

How can I remove a snowmobile hyfax?

If you have never removed a snowmobile hyfax, here, you have your salvation. The first time can be confusing. Read this step-by-step guide if you want to do it correctly. 

  1. Support the end of the snow vehicle and put down the sled.
  2. Release the pathway straining bolts and the lock.
  3. Unfasten the mounting bolt. You can find this bolt in the hyfax’s forepart.
  4. Line up the windows with the screw hole. Then, withdraw the slider with considerable effort.
  5. Slice or chop the new slider and make it even with the old ones. After doing that, push it through the rail.
  6. Secure the mounting bolt again, and do not leave it too loose or floppy.
  7. Check everything and confirm that all things are in place.
  8. Tighten the track where it needs to be and secure the straining bolts.

Brands and their snowmobile sliders

Many brands are snowmobile sliders manufacturers. Keep reading to find out which brands make the most common sliders.

  1. Arctic Cat: These sliders are made of graphite, and customers say they are easy to install. This unique graphite reduces friction. 
  2. DuPont: DuPont sliders are made of UHMW plastic. They also come with the exact fit and are easy to install.
  3. Garland: Garland is a plastic company. They produce snowmobile sliders. Garland hyfaxes can go from $13.58 to $69.99, so they have affordable sliders and higher-priced hyfaxes too.
  4. Polaris: Some of these slides are made of graphite, and they produce plastic slides too.
  5. Yamaha: Yamaha distributes DuPont sliders. They also produce polymer hyfaxes. These can be more expensive than the other ones.


On the whole, there are many things about sliders that are extremely important for snowmobile owners. After reading this, you can purchase a snowmobile and know if it will come with a slider and the benefits of using them. At the same time, you now know the materials used to create a hyfax, how to take care of your sliders, and more.

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