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Carlo Raffa

Carlo Raffa is a blogger, stand-up paddleboard enthusiast, water lover and local to Brighton city in the South of England.

Paddle boarding is my escape and this is only the starting point. Being a larger guy at 260lbs I am finding it very good exercise as well, especially for building core muscles. This is something that believe it or not cycling 16 miles a day at 6 miles per hour doesn't seem to be doing.

Paddle Boarding allows me to just grab my board and walk right through the busy bar filled beachfront between the two piers in Brighton and head straight out of shore. It's not long before the shouting and cheering of our buzzing beach fade into just the lapping waves and the people to just small dots of the Brighton shoreline.

The paddles you choose for your stand-up paddle boarding or SUP adventures matter. Even if you have an expensive paddle board, without equally proficient paddles, you’ll find you have great difficulty navigating on the water. One factor that may influence a shopping decision is whether your paddles float. Are they supposed to? Yes, paddle board …

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It is possible to paddleboard without being able to swim. However, it is better if you can swim given how likely it is that you will fall off your board at some point, especially if you are a beginner. In this article, we will explore all the paddle boarding issues for non-swimmers and weak swimmers, …

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