You can boost (jumpstart) a snowmobile battery using several different methods. Options include using a portable battery box, another snowmobile, or your truck or car. If your battery does not work after trying this, you should remove it and have it tested. Replacement is the final option.

At some point, every motorized sport enthusiast will end up with a dead battery. Maybe from long-term storage, accidentally leaving an accessory turned on or perhaps just because the battery has reached its end of life. When this happens, you’ll need boost, or jump start, your snowmobile battery to get it going.

What type of batteries do snowmobiles use?

Many snowmobiles use sealed YUASA batteries. They also use lithium or sealed AGMs. These powersport batteries are rated as 12V. Sealed AGMs can last up to three to five years. On the other side, lithium batteries last up to three years, meaning they last less than AGMs.

Can you boost a completely dead battery?

If a snowmobile battery is 100% dead, you cannot boost or jumpstart it because it is ruined and cannot function anymore. If a complete drain happens to your battery and you cannot fix it, you will need to buy a new one. In addition, trying to jump-start can cause other problems to your snowmobile.

What can cause a battery failure on your snowmobile?

A battery is one of the most important parts of a snowmobile. There are several signs that your snowmobile has a bad battery. Here are some of the most common signs and causes: 

  1. Jump-starting your battery too often: This is a call to action that can tell you many things. Suppose your snowmobile is often having troubles with the battery or frequent engine drains. In that case, you probably need to change it and buy a new one.
  2. Not taking care of your battery: Batteries need extra care. Cables must be checked, secured, and clean from time to time. Batteries cannot be allowed to completely discharge, or they will be ruined.
  3. Extreme temperatures: When a battery is exposed to extremely low or high temperatures, it can ruin it. If it is too cold, the battery can freeze. On the other hand, when a battery faces a hot temperature, it can produce electrolyte loss inside the machine.
  4. Buying or using the wrong battery: If you buy the wrong-sized or faulty battery, you can cause a failure that can lead to other issues on your snowmobile.

Can you jumpstart a snowmobile?

You can definitely jump-start a snowmobile without any trouble. But, you need to be cautious. For example, you should check if your battery was exposed to high or low temperatures. If your engine is too cold or hot and you try to jump-start it, you can ruin it. Otherwise, you can jump-start it with a car or truck just like you do with a car that ran out of power.

If nothing happens when you try to jump start your battery, let the jumping vehicle run for a few minutes. That will add to the charge level and may get you enough to start.

If jump starting doesn’t work, you can also try other ways mentioned in this article.

Can I use my snowmobile without a battery?

Yes, you may be able to run your snowmobile without a battery.

Some snowmobiles can be used by pulling the start. Batteries can charge up slowly when you start your snow vehicle. These engines have an alternator to provide electrical power, and this is the reason why your machine can still work with a dead battery.

If the battery can still hold a charge, running the engine should get it back to enough juice to restart. If the machine wont’t start after running for awhile and then shutting down, you likely need a new battery.

How can I start my snowmobile if I do not have another battery?

It is completely normal to run out of power, especially on snowmobiles. These machines need a lot of energy to work on the snow and to go up on mountains. So if you run out of power, do not worry; you can still start your snowmobile. Here you can see how:

  1. You can pull start: When you pull start on a dead battery, the sleds will function even if there is no power.
  2. Snowmobiles can be jump-started: You can start up your engine with a jump box, a car, a truck, and several machines. If you do not have a car or another type of vehicle, you can always use a jump box. A jump box does not require another battery, as it has its own internal battery. But it does need to be charged and maintained to work when needed.

Can a snowmobile battery freeze?

If your battery is charged, it will not freeze. But, if your battery is running low, that can produce freezing. You need to be extremely cautious because you could create an explosion if you try to jump-start a frozen battery. So always make sure that your snowmobile is in good condition.

Should I take out my battery from my snowmobile during summer?

Many people recommend buying a battery tender (engine charger) and taking it out for summer. This helps you maintain a good battery life during every season of the year. In addition, many tenders are affordable, so try buying one and check your snowmobile once in a while.

When should I replace my snowmobile battery?

Do you know how to identify when a battery is completely worn out? Don’t worry; now you will know when you have to change it and replace it with a new one.

  1. If you have not used your battery in a long time: When you stop using a battery, it loses its energy and power, and you cannot use it like before. Sometimes, people do not use their snowmobiles that often. Therefore, it is highly recommended to start up your engine and let it run from time to time.
  2. When your battery has been showing too many issues: At this point, this is obvious (in a way). You should never keep a battery knowing it is having troubles for a long time. Acknowledging this issue and doing nothing about it is extremely dangerous because forcing your engine can start an accident.
  3. When you do not check your battery after extreme temperatures: As you might already know, these drastic climate changes can ruin your battery immediately. Keeping the engine like this without checking it is dangerous.
  4. If your battery is too old: This is what you should do if you have an old battery. You should always try to replace it before it shows some dramatic signs of replacement.

How do you test a snowmobile battery?

If you want to test your snowmobile battery, you need to charge it first. Then, you will need a multimeter (a device that can tell you the voltage and resistance of your snowmobile). You should also have a load tester. This indicates if you have the correct amount of volts and, at the same time, simulates starting your engine. Load testers are excellent tools that can tell you if you need to replace your battery or not. Last but not least, you can buy an auto-analyzer too.


In the final analysis, we can conclude and say that there are some alternatives when it comes to boosting your snowmobile battery. I recommend constantly checking your battery and taking regular care of it, even if it does not show some symptoms/signs of failure. Doing this will help you extend your battery’s performance and lifespan.