Yes, you can definitely snorkel with dentures. You will want to be careful and take a few simple precautions to ensure they won’t be lost in the process. Snorkeling only requires a person eto use their lips and gums to provide the proper seal around the mouthpiece.

Getting the chance to head out on a tropical vacation is always a total pleasure. Great climates, nice weather, tons to do, and getting into that natural ocean water. Snorkeling is a ton of fun in these locations; you get a chance to see what’s beneath the surface while enjoying floating in calm ocean water. And snorkeling is great for people of all ages, even people out there who wear dentures.

Head out into the water to do some snorkeling, even if you have dentures. There is plenty of fun to be had snorkeling even if you wear dentures. By following some simple, basic guidelines, a denture wearer can just about eliminate any of the risks that come along with snorkeling.

You can snorkel with dentures. Just be careful to not lose them. Not everyone is this lucky.

Snorkeling with Dentures

Before heading out into the water, it’s going to be important to set yourself up right, so you don’t risk losing your dentures. They’re important, and you need them, obviously. So, a few easy tips are going to help you out before and after you snorkel. The first tip being to make sure you’re using a high-quality denture adhesive before heading into the water. Using a cheap adhesive that doesn’t work as well as others can cause the dentures to become lose and fall out. That’s the biggest concern in this situation, losing your dentures beneath the ocean surface and never being able to find them.

That being said, it’s a wise choice to pick a custom mouthpiece for your snorkel to set you up for success. Having a custom mouth piece that fits you just right is essential in creating the proper seal around the mouthpiece. But it will also provide another important factor while snorkeling, which is comfort. Having the wrong mouthpiece can cause the snorkeling adventure to be a miserable one. 

Discomfort in the mouthpiece makes the whole experience more of a chore than an enjoyment. So, find a mouthpiece that will fit just right and be comfortable no matter how long you’re under the water’s surface.

Once you’re ready to head out, read our Buyer’s Guide for snorkels, which covers the various different types you can choose from.

A couple tips for after the snorkeling expedition is over can be helpful as well. First off, make sure to remove the mouthpiece slowly when you arrive back at the water’s surface. Once you’re out of the water, it can still be easy to yank out those dentures and have them fall into the water. So, take it slow and ensure that the mouthpiece comes out slow.

The main priority when snorkeling is to make sure the dentures don’t get lost. So, when you’re taking out the mouthpiece, tilt your head back and open your mouth wide. Slowly remove the mouthpiece, and you’re good to go.

Another tip that can help is checking with your doctor or dentist, just to be sure it’s safe to go snorkeling in the first place. Everybody has a different situations with tons of different factors that allow us to do things, but also keep us from doing some things as well.

Just be sure that snorkeling is an option for you before you head out, and be sure to go with a seasoned pro if it’s your first time every heading out to snorkel.

Some Snorkeling Basics

Just to go over some of the more basic tips for snorkeling, we’ll go over some important items to keep in mind as generalized advice. The first being that you should always check your gear. I know it seems like a complete no-brainer, but sometimes people can forget to do this or just choose not to. It’s in these situations where something will always go wrong.

Make sure the equipment fits before heading out, make sure your gear isn’t damaged, and consider buying your own equipment if you plan to snorkel a lot. Rentals can be great, but it’s even better if it’s your own stuff to use. That way, you get to keep it in tip-top shape.

And as recent world infection outbreaks seem to be on the rise, having your own equipment that has never been worn by others may be a health choice.

Be sure to get used to how a snorkel works if it’s your first time out. There are plenty of ways to do this. You can test out snorkel equipment in a swimming pool. Or staying close to the shore if you’re heading out into the ocean.

The trickiest part can be keeping the snorkel above water. It’s easy to head a little too deep and get water in the top. All you have to do is blow the water out of the snorkel and continue on. 

Snorkeling can seem super easy, but certain aspects make it trickier than it looks. For instance, it’s actually not about as much swimming as it is floating. Yes, you will use your legs to your advantage for movement. But if you swim too hard, it can make the whole experience more of a frustration or a task.

You will need fins, so learn about the various types and see the best of each one in my snorkel fins article. Then head to my mask article for tips on getting a proper fit and specific recommendations.

Remember, snorkeling is more about relaxing and taking in all the wonders beneath the surface. A lot of snorkelers prefer fins on their feet, which is always a great idea. Fold your arms across your chest or clasp your hands behind your back, float near the surface, lie horizontally and let your feet do the work to move you around.

Finally, be sure to choose a good location. Meaning that, especially if you’re new to the activity, pick an area with calm waters. There’s no sense in flailing about while trying to maintain control because the current is strong.

There are so many perfect spots for snorkeling that have calm waters and plenty of marine life beneath the surface. Be picky about where you want to go, it’s for your enjoyment, and setting the environment for yourself is part of the fun.

To Conclude

There is plenty of fun to be had when you get out there and do some snorkeling. Luckily, it’s perfectly fine if you are a denture wearer and want to get into some snorkeling. Taking the necessary steps and applying our tips will get you everything you need to have a great snorkel expedition with lots of enjoyment.

And for all our veteran snorkelers who have been at it for years, we hope that you keep on enjoying the fun, too. Especially if dentures are a part of your every day life.