You can easily wrap a snowmobile helmet for a custom look. There are plenty of options out there. You can take your helmet to a shop. You can order a customization kit and apply it yourself, or get the product of your choice and apply it. And if you change your mind later, it’s easily reversible, so you can try many styles and patterns.

Helmet wraps have been around for a while. You could say that clear coating a decal onto a helmet is as old as car pinstriping. To wrap a snowmobile helmet, you don’t need specialized or complex skills. Mostly, what you’ll need is confidence and patience.

What Does Helmet Wrapping Do?

Helmet wraps recreate paint while giving you the option to change out the design at any time. 

The wrap used to cover a snowmobile helmet is referred to as a specialty wrap. A specialty wrap differs from a standard wrap. This type of cover includes anything that is out of the ordinary, unusual, or exotic.

Vinyl Wrapping A Helmet

It is the process where sheets of self-adhesive vinyl are applied to the bodywork of a vehicle – or helmet -. In the industry, it is also known as color change wrap or car wrapping. Vinyl is probably the most used material for these purposes.

Helmet Wrapping: Advantages And Disadvantages 

Advantages Of Helmet Wrapping

  • Companies can use it for marketing purposes. There is no other advertising method that provides a lower cost per impression than a helmet wrap (or vehicle wrap).
  • Helmet Wraps give you the benefits of getting a paint finish without painting.
  • Another benefit of helmet wraps is that they are extremely customizable and offer detailed images to decorate your helmet.
  • You can even have an enlarged picture of your head wrapped in your snowmobile helmet. 

Disadvantages Of Helmet Wrapping

  • There are many helmets of different styles. There are many different types of helmets and countless combinations within each type, making the wrapping process a bit harder. 
  • It can be pricey.

How To Do A Helmet Wrap?

Purchase The Products And Do It Yourself

Some people are professional installers and have done this for many years. One of them is Brandon Blancher from the ND Graphics Toronto branch, and here is his unique and creative solution to wrap helmets or goalie masks. Of course, he is a professional, but with the right tools and a lot of practice, we can also master Brandon’s technique. 

For this scenario, we will use the 380 vinyl and 8580 overlaminates specially formulated by 3M for ultra-comfortable things like helmets, ATV parts, goalie masks, sprinters, beetles, etc.

  1. Start by removing the hardware and cleaning the surface. If the helmet has a few scratches, you can use a primer on all the finished edges, the screw holes, and little rivets.
  2. For this next part, you are going to need a barrel. Before you start, make a few holes in the sides of the barrel and remove the lid. Lay the product you are going to use upside down, adhesive side up, on top of the barrel. The holes will allow you to release air outside of it once you push the helmet down.
  3. Set a heat gun to 1200 degrees and fan the area. Next, the film will start to droop; that is called turning the film molten. What this does is that it takes the plastic memory out of the film. You can use a torch or a tiger torch if you don’t have a heat gun.
  4. Once the plastic is where you want it to be, which should be warm and have a soft look, tie the strap up of your helmet and adjust it for placement.
  5. Take your helmet and press it down onto the product. While still pressing down, use the heat gun to continue to warm the sides. Move your hand down through the holes you made in the barrel at the beginning, and try to use them to push the final edge against the primer.
  6. Do the same on all sides. Using the heat gun, try to relax the product.
  7. Once the product is cool, cut the excess off, allowing for some surplus.
  8. Once that is done, you will have a fairly finished helmet. Place it on a stool, finish off the edges, trim, tape, seal them, and your helmet will be finished.

Bonus tip: If you have an image on the other side of the product that you would like to register, put a halogen light at the bottom. By doing this, when you turn the light on, you can see the image, thus allowing you to adjust the helmet in accordance with what you see. By using light, it acts as a translucent.    

Purchase And Customize A Kit And Do It Yourself, Or Hire A Company To Do It For You

Companies In The US

Several companies provide customization services to get your snowmobile helmet wrapped or sell you the kit for you to do it.


Located in Alexandria, Minnesota.

Overnight Wraps is an auto-wrap company that delivers high-quality and high-resolution vehicle wraps. They also do automobile vinyl wraps, bus wraps, and trailer wraps advertising.

In the wrap industry, helmet wraps are the greatest and latest item to hit the market. Overnight Wraps is one of the limited number of companies in the US that offer this helmet wrapping service. 

Compared to getting your helmet custom painted, the great thing about doing the wrap is getting a more detailed design. They will provide you with a preview to see what your helmet is going to look like.

How Much Does It Cost?

Their prices start at $395.00.

Companies Outside The US

Located in Canada. was created to bring Powersport enthusiasts and their fans easy access to the products they use and test on their channel. They are also continuing to grow the selection of products they offer.

They take all the best-priced products from Amazon suppliers and neatly organize them just for you. Their goal is to offer quality products, great pricing, and a care-free return policy in affiliation with Amazon.

They do all kinds of wraps for your snowmobile helmet. They sell the kits for you to do the installation and ship them directly to you.

How Much Does It Cost?

Depending on the size of your helmet, shipment address, and design, the kits range from US 100.00 to US 150.00.

Soul Garage

Located in Auckland, New Zealand

Soul Garage only uses the best materials and highest quality vinyl from local and global suppliers to ensure the best finish. They work with you to choose the best wrap for your needs. They even help you design the custom wrap of your dreams, offering a complete customization option with the addition of vinyl stickers.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can contact them to get a quote based on your wants and needs.

Wilkinson Design 34

Located in Northern Ireland.

Wilkinson Design 34 provides a high-quality, value-for-money alternative to traditional helmet painting. Their service allows tailoring each design to the customer’s requirements. From the free design to completion, all of which can be easily changed over time, especially concerning sponsors or equipment logos. Depending on your design, turnaround times range from a few days up to 3 weeks.

Their services are Colour Change, Basic Design, Regular Design, Basic Wrap, Regular Wrap, Full Wrap, and Print Effect Wrap. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Their prices range from US$ 125 to US$ 350. Their turnaround time is 3-5 days to 3 weeks.


Helmet wrapping is your best option if you wish to customize your helmet. You can try to do it yourself or have someone do it for you. In addition, it can be updated at any time if you want to change designs in the future.

The life expectancy of a helmet that has been wrapped depends highly on the type of vinyl/ink and adhesive used.