Do You Need Insurance to Paddle Board?

You’re all prepped and ready to enjoy an exciting, memorable day of paddle boarding. You’ve got your board (of course), your paddle, and your leash. You also have a personal flotation device and even a whistle if you need help. Do you need anything else? Do you need insurance for your paddle board?

While it’s not mandatory to have paddle board insurance, it is still something you want to seriously consider getting, especially if you teach others how to ride, act as a guide, or run a paddle board-related business. This way, should you ever end up hitting someone or something in the water or they hit you, you wouldn’t have to bore the brunt of those costs alone.

Which companies even offer paddle board insurance? How much will it cost and what does it cover? We will answer those questions and more in this article, so keep reading, as you won’t want to miss it.

Why Do You Need Paddle Board Insurance?

If the Coast Guard or other entities aren’t insisting you have paddle board insurance, then can’t you just skip it? Sure, you could, but just reread what we said in the intro again to see why that’s not the world’s greatest idea.

You may be a very careful paddle boarder, but you can’t always predict how the ocean will behave. You also have no control over what others on the water will do. If someone crashes into you or you into them and someone is injured, then what? Also, what would happen if you’re a paddle board teacher and it’s your student who gets in the accident?

Would you have to pay for their hospital or doctor’s bills even though you weren’t directly involved? More than likely, yes. That’s why, if you’re someone who teaches people to paddle board in an instructional or guide capacity, it’s even more imperative you don’t go without insurance.

2016 data reported through SUP resource the Distressed Mullet noted that only 15 people died from SUP riding that year. Still, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Now you can be with paddle board insurance.

Which Companies Provide Paddle Board Insurance?

The good news is that you won’t have to look far to find paddle board insurance. Countless companies offer this coverage for your SUP board. Let’s go over a handful of them now.

Veracity Insurance Solutions

If you’re a SUP guide specifically, then you can go through Veracity Insurance Solutions for your paddle board insurance needs. The company offers professional liability insurance, property insurance, outdoor and recreation insurance, general liability insurance, and product liability insurance.

Aegis Insurance Markets

For those who teach paddle boarding on rented SUP boards, Aegis Insurance Markets makes a stellar choice for a coverage provider. They have a Business Owner’s Policy that offers commercial property and general liability coverage. You can even get a customized insurance plan that includes such elements as cyber liability coverage, worker’s comp, employee health, and commercial auto insurance.

Outdoor Insurance Group

As the name tells you, Outdoor Insurance Group deals mostly in outdoor activities such as paddle boarding. Their SUP insurance covers paddle board teachers as well as those who host SUP events.

Bishop Skinner Marine

Encompassing yachts, motorboats, dinghies, paddle boards, and more, Bishop Skinner Marine is for all other SUP riders. You don’t need to rent out SUP boards nor teach anyone to ride to take advantage of this insurance. It’s general insurance that may include transit costs, third-party indemnities, theft, and fire.

For those United Kingdom paddle boarders, try This insurance provider has liability coverage that includes personal effects coverage, damages or loss coverage, marine legal protection insurance, and third-party liabilities.


Also in the UK is Insure4Boats. This paddle board insurance company will protect you when venturing out to the coastal and inland waters of Europe. If you lose your paddle board or it gets broken, you can get it replaced through them if it’s three years old or under. Insure4Boats also mentions their affordable prices. They beat competitor pricing and will pay you back for the extra money you may have spent on other insurance.

British Stand Up Paddleboard Association (BSUPA)

You might also consider the British Stand Up Paddle Board Association or BSUPA. This is yet another UK-based insurance option. That said, BSUPA is not solely an insurance provider. They’re primarily a means of educating on SUP riding and bringing other boarders together. When you pay to join BSUPA, you also get their third-party public liability insurance, which is good for boarding around the world. 

How Much Does Paddle Board Insurance Cost?

Most of the time, to get a quote, you have to request one through the insurance provider. was the only company to share their prices upfront, so we’ll use those as the basis of how much you might pay.

For their basic insurance, you’d get charged £21.95 a month. The more extensive coverage would cost £33.80 a month. That’s between $27 and $42 a month in US dollars. Annually, then, you’d pay £263.40 to £405.60 to get insured through That’s $324 to $504 USD a year.

Of course, that’s only one insurance company’s pricing and by no means a guarantee. If you really want to know what you’ll pay for coverage with the insurance company you’ve chosen, make sure you get a quote through them.

What’s Covered Under Paddle Board Insurance?

Having read to this point, you’re seriously considering getting paddle board insurance since you don’t already have it. Whether you’re someone who teaches others or you’re a solo rider who wants to be extra careful, you want to make sure you’re protected. Now you’re just curious about what gets covered under your plan.

Let’s use to show what you’d get for your money. As we said before, they have both a basic, third-party liability coverage plan and a full-coverage plan. The third-party liability coverage is the cheaper of the two and thus includes less. You’d get:

  • Marine legal protection insurance (which is optional)
  • Nil excess
  • The ability to add every household resident and every one of your paddle boards to the plan
  • Coverage for the coastal and inland waters of Europe and the UK
  • Third-party liability coverage valued up to three million pounds
  • Private pleasure use

For’s full coverage, you’d receive:

  • Personal accident coverage valued at £30,000
  • Personal effects coverage valued up to £200
  • Damage or loss coverage such as if you’re in transit by road, afloat, or ashore
  • Marine legal protection coverage (still optional)
  • Nil excess valued at £45 for any claims from third parties
  • The ability to add every household resident and every one of your paddle boards and paddles to the plan
  • The same coastal and inland waters protection
  • The same third-party liability coverage value
  • Private pleasure use

How Do You Choose a Paddle Board Insurance Company?

Are you still shopping around and unsure which paddle board insurance company would suit your needs best? Keep these factors in mind as you narrow down your options:

  • Your location: If you’re in the UK, then it wouldn’t make any sense for you to get insurance from a company in the US. They probably wouldn’t provide coverage for you across the pond.  
  • The cost: How much money you’d pay for paddle board insurance is a big determining factor. Maybe it’s less than £50 a month, such as through Perhaps it’s more. While it may seem tempting to always go for a cheap plan, that could leave you with something to be desired when it comes to the extent of your coverage.
  • Coverage provisions: That brings us to the next point. Remember, the less coverage you get, the more money you’d pay out-of-pocket for hospital bills, new paddle boards, legal fees, and the like. It’s better to spend a little extra money for more coverage then.

Related Questions  

How do I get the best deal for paddle board insurance?

To save the most money but still get an awesome paddle board insurance plan, shop around. Ask for quotes from a handful of companies and then choose the one that matches your paddle board usage and your budget. Know that above all, these companies want your business. That’s why Insure4Boats does price matching with their competitors, so they can keep you as a customer.

If you had a paddle board business, how much could you make for renting SUP boards?

Are you thinking of insuring a paddle board-related business, such as renting SUP boards? Just like we discuss in our jet ski business article, the earning potential is there. According to Tower Paddle Boards, you could charge rental fees according to how long the board gets rented. For instance, for an hour’s use, it’d be $20, for up to half a day, it’d be $40, and for an entire day of paddle boarding, it’d cost $60.

Of course, there’s a lot more to running a business. We cover more details in the 11 Ways to Make Money with Your Jet Ski post, and some of that would apply to paddle boards. If you had extra storage space, you could even offer cleaning and storage. If you have a great location by the water, paddle boards, jet ski, scuba and snorkeling could all be combined into one shop. Likely a very lucrative shop! 

Final thoughts

Insurance is just one more factor to consider, but don’t let it discourage you from getting started paddle boarding. If you can afford to self-insure (essentially meaning you don’t have insurance and just assume the risk of theft yourself), buy or rent a board, and then get out there, stay safe and have fun!

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