Editorial and Content Policies

AquaSportsPlanet relies on direct experiences from its writers and contributors. All writers have participated in the activities they are writing about. Some at the beginner’s level, but much at more advanced levels and for decades.

Other sites may research and write about various topics and activities, while we have direct knowledge and experience.

We do not accept guest posts, sponsored posts, or posts as advertisements.

Information posts are based on our experiences but also fact-checked using owner’s manuals, online searches, YouTube and conversations with friends who are experts in the various areas we cover. We believe this provides the best value to our readers.

You come here expecting accurate information and answers. That’s what we aim to give you. Time is a valuable resource, and you don’t want to spend 5-10 minutes reading an article then coming away without a better understanding of the topic or an answer to your question.

We don’t stay on those types of articles on other websites, so how could we expect our visitors to do so. When you visit us, you’ll get the current best answers to the best of our knowledge and experience. Please do understand that not every question has a single answer.

Some How-To guides, for example, could be done differently by others and still be acceptable. Our guides are based on owners’ manuals, discussions with shop owners, and our own work.

For products we recommend or review, we specify our level of experience with the product. Many of our posts contain information on a topic and a recommendation for a product that we use to solve a related problem or to answer the reader’s question.

Except where otherwise specified, we buy our recommended products at standard prices. If we accept a promotional item for review, this will be disclosed at the start of the content or adjacent to any affiliate links.

Any interlinked posts here on our site will open in the same viewing window currently open. Sometimes we specify the link is on our site. If there isn’t a specified destination next to a link, it will be to another article on our site.

References from other sites and affiliate links will be marked to indicate where opening it will take you. Our writers insert links only after checking their safety, so you can be comfortable opening a link. Outbound links to other sites, shops, affiliates, or Amazon will open a new window on your browser. This allows you to quickly return to the topic you were reading so you can finish.

Hopefully you’ll view our content as accurate, sincere, helpful and thorough. If not, please reach out to info@aquasportsplanet.com and let us know where we’ve fallen short of your exceptions.

Otherwise, thanks for visiting and enjoy your days on, or under, the water and in the air!