PWC Safety Equipment

This page will be a list of life jackets, ropes, air horns, fire extinguishers and other required or recommended safety equipment that we use. A brief paragraph on each item will be written, including a link to an affiliate site sale. I’ll use separate blocks for each item so that editing is easy. Removing or adding blocks as we test different items and change our recommendations.

This would be my next product. For example, a good air horn is needed rather than just the whistle required by a lot of states. The whistle is useless over the sound of boat engines wizzing by. The air horn gets attention in an emergency. Find images.

We have a couple of basic ropes, but there are good ropes with a little elasticity useful for emergency towing. Ropes with integrated clips work very well on the front and rear tow hooks on most personal watercraft. Put my favorite ones here.