Locks and cables

These products and examples of their uses can be found in our PWC Security article.

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Waterproof Brass Marine Combination lock

This heavy duty lock has enough thickness to deter all but the most committed thief. The marine brass construction is weatherproof. We spray a little WD40 on ours before putting them at the dock in May and again when we take our toys out for winter storage in October.

We have 3 of this exact model, each now 6 years old. We’ve not had any mechanism lockups or stickiness. They are a little beaten up externally, but still function perfectly. That’s a lot of value for the price considering the conditions under which they are used.

When you leave your dock, you can toss the lock and cable into your storage compartment for use at other marinas or when docking and leaving your ski somewhere else. Or you can wrap it up around your lift, ready to use when you return. Be sure to reset the code to 0000 when leaving, so no one can get a peek while you’re away.

You may wonder why we use a combination lock instead of a key. With 10,000 possible combinations, it’s unlikely anyone would have enough time to try the random approach to determine your code. It’s more likely that you’ll eventually drop a key into the water next to the dock. And in many rivers and lakes, it won’t be recoverable. A combination lock takes that away. Just one less thing to go wrong.

Waterproof marine brass lock for boat dock useAvailable on Amazon

Half-inch braided steel cable with waterproof coating

While you can get by with quarter inch or 3/8 inch cables for locking up bikes, you want heavier protection for your $15,000 personal watercraft. You can get even thicker cable, but it becomes less flexible and more difficult to wrap around whatever you’re locking to.

Available in 4’, 7’,15’ and 30’ lengths, this half-inch cable is the perfect compromise in size versus usability. We wrap it around the dock, pass one loop through the other, and then use the above lock to attach to the front jet ski tow hook. Of course, you could do this many other ways, as well.

Brass waterproof lock on my SeaDoo front hook with cable attached to dock

When heading out for the day, take it with you if you plan on docking to eat or leave your ski at a marina for a period of time. In a pinch, you could even lock to a mooring buoy as long as you don’t leave any slack to allow it to be lifted over and off.

Which is exactly how my nicest bike was stolen while I was applying for a job at 14, and so eager to get to my first interview ever that I locked it to a parking meter. D’oh! So you know where my first paycheck went.

You can bet I’ve never made that mistake again. So protect your valuable skis from thieves who can get access from the water side even if you have a fenced or gated marina.

Waterproof coated 1/2 inch steel cableAvailable on Amazon

Hitch receiver locks

I drive my truck around a lot with my rather expensive multilevel adjustable hitch in the receiver. So I keep it locked at all times. My wife has a decorative cover on her SUV, and she locks it on as well. Then when we use her vehicle to tow, we just switch to a hitch, and relock it into place.

A multi size adjustable hitch comes in handy when you have different things to tow with different heights, tongue weight and ball size
I don’t want to lose this hitch in a parking lot!

These come in many sizes and shapes. For receivers, I strongly prefer straight locking pins. The curved pins always end up facing against the safety chain attachment or interfere with attaching and removing the safety chains. This doesn’t happen with straight locks.

Remember you will need a lock for your hitch to car receiver, and also a locking pin for the trailer hitch safety lock when connected to your vehicle if traveling and parking for any period of time. Jet ski trailers are light. And the hitch pin lock can be used to protect the trailer from theft when it isn’t connected to your tow vehicle.

Anyone could lift off your trailer, pivot it, hitch it to their truck and head off from restaurant or hotel parking lots. For a little money, this won’t happen. For the trailer pin, get a lock exactly the width of the thickness of the neck so no gap exists for prying it off.

Available on Amazon

Hitch pin lock

Trailer hitch pin lockAvailable on Amazon