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Maintenance Items

These are the every day items or service materials we use to keep our watercraft looking good and running smoothly in the summer and stored properly in the winter.

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Battery Tenders

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Battery Tender Junior

Perfect inexpensive smart charger if you have 1 or 2 batteries to charge in place or store in winter. You can see this in our video below. Never use a battery charger rated higher than 2 amps output, or you can damage the battery (my post.) Overcharging can be just as bad as not charging.

Battery Tender Multibank 4 connector

Perfect for those of us with boats and/or multiple personal watercraft. Comes in 6 and 10 connector sizes as well.

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This multi-bank charger didn’t exist when I bought my Battery Tender Juniors. I have 6 Juniors used for 4 boat batteries and 1 car battery stored over the winter, with an extra for backup. If you pull all of your batteries out, or if everything is stored in a tight space, this would be the choice. If I didn’t already have 6 Battery Tender Juniors, I’d buy this one immediately. But for now, the separate chargers work, but they do take up multiple outlets or need a good heavy duty extension cord.

Oils extractors

Basic manual oil extractor and recycling tank

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We used this one for 5 years until I cracked the threaded connector for the pump, causing it to leak. We now use the container to store our used oil for recycling when full.

12 Volt powered extractor pump, needs a separate collecting pan or bucket

I just bought this powered pump, which you can find in my oil change video on YouTube. Makes very quick work of extracting 3 quarts. I just pump it into the leftover container from the manual pump above.

Top-rated durable metal manual pump and can

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Friends and YouTuber’s rate this manual pump the highest. If we go back to needing a manual pump, this will be my choice. Many YouTubers use it for car oil changes instead of getting under the car and removing the drain plug. Makes for an easier and cleaner oil change.

Oil change and service kits

4-Stroke Personal Watercraft Batteries

  • Basic lead-acid wet cell battery, requires regular maintenance
  • Maintenance-free lead-acid battery
  • Sealed AGM batteries, most durable type

Master Blaster: car, boat quick dryer

I use this when washing our daily drivers, our weekend fun cars and all our watercraft. Give a quick wipe down with microfiber cloth after washing. Then use this to blow all the areas where water can pool and those hard toget to places where water drips. There are 2 settings. Low blows room temperature air. High blows faster and warms the air, drying things quicker. Click the image or this link to see the original version on Amazon. There’s a just released newer (March 2020) kit with longer hose and more attachments, so you can compare.

Ours has worked flawlessly for 5 years, and it’s great to see smooth dry surfaces without water spots or smudges. And since it can be used on cars, boats, personal watercraft, canopies, tents, home siding or pretty much anything you can think of, it’s one of the most versatile tools I can recommend. We even inflate the larger tubes with it, since it comes with multiple adapters.