Snorkeling gear

Here are some of the top-rated masks, fins and snorkels from YouTube, Amazon and site tested articles. Click each image to see the latest prices and reviews on Amazon or one of our other affiliates.

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Traditional masks

You can read our comments on these particular masks in our article on how to pick the right size and fit for you.

Full face masks

Be sure to read our coverage here of the controversy surrounding these types of masks. It’s important to choose a top quality product here with a good reputation. And as I posted in that article, practice putting on and removing the mask several times before your first use.

Deep Sea O2

Both of our top picks in this category are designed to expel CO2 properly to prevent build up and reduce the risks of injuries described in our full face mask debate post referred to above. The Deep Sea O2 has a more tapered shape, so analyze your own facial shape before choosing this mask. Click the image for the latest price and reviews on Amazon.

Sea Beast AF90

The Sea Beast AF90 is also designed with safety and comfort in mind. Both masks have snorkel valves to prevent water from entering, and breathing baffles to improve CO2 elimination. The Sea Beast has a more rounded shape, so it is our choice for those of you who have a more rounded facial shape. Stare at yourself in the mirror, or take a selfie and hold it next to these images before choosing one or the other.

Click the image below for the latest price and Amazon reviews.

Fins designed for snorkeling

Fins for snorkeling differ from scuba diving fins. Either can be used in both activities, but the top-rated recommendations here will maximize your enjoyment of snorkeling because they are lighter in weight and more flexible than scuba fins. You can read more about many different fins if these top picks aren’t right for you in this article.

Lightweight travel fins top pick

Cressi Palau short snorkeling fins

Full size snorkeling fins top pick

Cressi Palau Lightweight Full Size


Most of the time, people buy a mask and snorkel set. I recommend just that, and some of the above masks can be purchased as a set. But a perfect fitting mask may not have the perfect shape accompanying snorkel. I prefer snorkels without a valve on top. Although very unlikely, I have concern about the valve sticking closed after a free dive. I’d rather just clear on surfacing. Having a lower drain makes that easier, so my top choice is the Maui 2 Snorkel Semi-Dry from Deep Blue Gear. Available in many colors. We have many more snorkels in our article discussing the numerous varieties. Maybe you’d prefer one of those instead.

Full snorkeling set

If you’d rather just buy a full gear set, here are the best options. Some come with carrying bag, but others don’t. Keep that in mind when shopping, as you may need to purchase one of our recommended gear bags below. <still awaiting review due to quarantine>

Gear bags

There’s not much to say about these. Unlike scuba, snorkeling gear can be carried in a small mesh bag for light weight and quick drying after use. Just rinse the gear, and let it dry in the bag. Your biggest decision is what color to get. <still awaiting review due to quarantine>


Beach and fin padded socks

Here are few items that can improve your snorkeling fun. They aren’t necessary, but they may come in handy for some. Wear them under your fins for a padded snug fit and to prevent blisters. They also provide foot protection when walking around without your fins to and from your snorkeling site. Note that colors and sizes are chosen on the sales page, and the Fun Toes are sold in sets of 2.

COPOZZ Neoprene Snorkeling, Diving and Beach socks.

Fun Toes beach socks

Beach Booties

Top Miscellaneous Accessories

More to come as the current quarantine lifts and we can get out to shop and test. Underwater cameras can be found on their own recommended page. We cover the waterproof GoPro models in this scuba article. I’ve used GoPro, Panasonic and Insta360. Its hard to beat the GoPro for features, accessories and ease of use.

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