SUP Transport and carry

  • Carry Straps
  • Adjustable SUP Carts
  • Dual SUP Cart
  • Inflatable Removable Roof Rack
  • Padded Removable Roof Rack

The only Carry strap I ever used was the Blackfin carry strap from iRocker, and I did not like it. It was an overly built and under thought out strap. It did have a massive spongy shoulder pad that was super comfortable but was uncomfortable when walking over 50 yards with my Paddle board under one arm and having to carry my paddle in my other hand.

The carry strap was also bulky to carry in the cargo section of my Paddle board and like most SUP handles, It also just took ages to dry. It also could only be used on Blackfin or iRocker boards that have D rings all around the board to clip the Blackfin Carry strap too. I sent this item back to Blackfin and when I buy another, the Own the Wave SUP carry strap is for sure the strap I will be buying.

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Stick Schlepper Board Strap Sling

Standard board straps solve a lot of the blackfin carry strap issues at over half the price.

  • The adjustable straps mean it can be used on any sized SUP Board
  • the Paddle velcro carry straps fix your paddle to the board, freeing up your hand for easier transportation.
  • It folds down into a compact space.
  • It comes with a carry case, so you can easily store it on Cargo part of your SUP or in a drawer at home.
  • The price is less than half the price than Blackfin with twice the practicality. (See this SUP Strap price on Amazon)

Cor Surf Adjustable SUP Cart

This is my go-to choice, it has everything you want from a good reliable SUP Cart.

  • Lightweight, so you can actually carry it in your stand up Paddle board cargo area (Try not to fall on it)
  • Adjustable arms to snuggly hold any size board.
  • The sponge arms mean they will not scratch or harm your board
  • A great price at just under 80 bucks
  • plastic wheels make it perfect for pavements, concrete, sand surfaces, sadly not so great over pebbles, but it got us here easily.
  • conveniently small to store

(Check out the Cor Surf Adjustable Trolley on Amazon)

Supenz Double SUP Cart

If you are looking for a dual SUP board Carrier, here is the best one I found online, having researched and read tones of reviews on them. But I have not literally tried this item. I also wouldn’t advise, putting the boards in the middle as that would make walking on sand painful.

Use bungees to secure the SUP boards to the cart just to keep them in place.

The Suspenz Double SUP Cart is pretty pricey, but for a good reason. If you and your partner go boarding together regularly, this is definitely something to look into. This option is a double cart, giving you two sides to carry your boards on. Even if you don’t have two boards, though, you can always use the second side for an extra beach bag or your cooler before attaching. Check it out here on Amazon.

Removable Padded Roof Racks

My favourite here is HandiRack Roof Rack because it compacts down into a little bag that is easy to store away, but I understand some may not trust the inflatable pads and opt for the Best solid padded removable Roof rack on the market, which is the Yakima SUP Pads Round Crossbar.

So really there are 2 favourites here, the HandiRack Inflatable Roof Rack and the Yakima SUP Pads Round Crossbar. they both have great qualities and below I give my 2 cents worth with the help from Youtube video.

Weight CapacityYES
Ease of UseYES

HandiRack – Inflatable Roof Rack Bars

What’s great about The HandiRack is just how handy it really is. It fits into a small approx 30cm by 20cm bag and this includes:

  • x2 Inflatable Racks
  • x2 Straps
  • x1 Pump

It takes less than 5 minutes to assemble and fit and fits most models of car. It also has a whopping 175lbs load capacity. Click Here to see the price The HandiRack on Amazon

Yakima SUP Pads Round Crossbars

Even though the Yakima are more solid than the HandiRack, I feel the strapping system isn’t as secure as on the Handirack. Here you thread the straps through the windows of your car leaving a lot of room for movement, especially when on the road. Still, they are more solid and so I do also recommend them as a good option. But remember, they do not fold down. When you are not using them, they will have to stand in the corner of your garage, shed or car boot. (Click Here to see them on Amazon)