A snowmobile clutch should not be lubricated. The clutch in a snowmobile is a dry clutch, meaning that you do not need to put lubricant on it. However, you may need to clean the clutch in your snowmobile from time to time to prevent damages or wear to the clutch. 

Snowmobiles are practical and adventurous modes of transportation. However, people are often confused about how snowmobiles work and how to maintain them. New snowmobile owners often ask whether lubricant should be applied to the clutch or not. 

Continue reading for a breakdown of the maintenance involved in snowmobiles. I will explore how to care for and clean the clutch in your snowmobile and what you need to apply to the engine to keep it running smoothly. By the end of this piece, you will have gained insight into how to maintain and care for the clutch in your snowmobile. 

Should a Snowmobile Clutch Be Lubricated?

Snowmobiles are fun, fast, and exciting ways of crossing snowy ground. However, maintaining a snowmobile without the right skills and experience can be a daunting affair, especially when it comes to figuring out what you can apply to the clutch to keep it in proper working condition. 

You should not lubricate the clutch in your snowmobile. Clutches in snowmobiles do not need any kind of grease to operate. If there is an issue with the clutch in your snowmobile, it’s likely due to a blockage or build-up of dirt, not a lack of lubrication. 

Clutches need to have traction between components inside them to function. As a result, applying lubricant to the clutch on your snowmobile may diminish this traction. If this happens, the clutch will not perform as well and may even need further repairs. 

What Do You Spray on a Snowmobile Clutch?

If you have ever watched an experienced snowmobile owner taking care of their engines, you may have noticed them use sprays. So what sprays do people use on snowmobiles, specifically for the clutch? 

You can spray brake cleaner on a snowmobile clutch. Brake cleaner removes any build-ups of dirt or debris that can obstruct the clutch and cause problems. Brake cleaner will break up and remove harsher blockages that you can’t remove with warm water. 

Brake cleaner is applied to the clutch in a snowmobile during the cleaning process. Typically the clutch in a snowmobile should be cleaned every few hundred miles to ensure consistent performance. Failing to clean the clutch may cause it to seize up and quickly wear out. 

A damaged clutch may require professional help to repair or replace, which will likely be expensive. 

Check out these brake cleaners that you can buy from Amazon to use on your snowmobile clutch at home. 

  • OMAC Brake Caliper Cleaner Spray. This is an affordable and effective spray-on brake cleaner, ideal for use on snowmobiles. This cleaner will cut through dirt in your clutch, allowing the vehicle to function excellently. Simply apply generously to the clutch, then wipe with a dry cloth for excellent results. 
  • Motorex 302291 Brake Clean Spray. This is another reasonably priced spray-on brake cleaner. This cleaner is safe to use on the clutch on your snowmobile to provide you with an excellent clean. 

How Do You Know When Your Snowmobile Clutch Is Damaged?

A snowmobile, just like many other vehicles, has a clutch that allows the driver to change gears for the best output from the engine. However, it’s challenging to know when there are issues with the clutch in your snowmobile, especially when you are not an expert on this mode of transportation. 

You know your snowmobile clutch is damaged when you notice a decrease in performance when driving the vehicle. If the clutch is bad, it may struggle to remain in gear when on the move, or changing gears may be an issue if not outright impossible. 

When the clutch in your snowmobile is damaged, you will need to either attempt a DIY repair or bring the snowmobile to a mechanic. Rebuilding or replacing a clutch in a snowmobile is not an easy task and should only be tried if you have the right equipment and experience for the job. 

If you attempt to repair the clutch in your snowmobile yourself without the right equipment and knowledge, you may cause more damage, resulting in the need for a replacement or expert repairs. 

You can also protect your clutch from going bad by washing the piece regularly and ensuring that you do not allow a build-up or blockage in the clutch. It’s crucial that you also avoid using a lubricant on the clutch in your snowmobile, as it’s a dry clutch that does not rely on oil. 

How To Clean a Clutch on a Snowmobile

Cleaning the clutch on your snowmobile is an essential part of the maintenance of the vehicle. Cleaning the clutch prevents blockages and prolongs the lifespan of the vehicles. However, many people are unsure about how they should go about cleaning the clutch in their snowmobiles. 

Here’s how to clean a clutch on a snowmobile:

  1. Blow on the clutch with an air compressor. 
  2. Use water to remove dirt from the clutch. 
  3. Spray the clutch with brake cleaner. 
  4. Wash thoroughly to remove debris. 

Depending on what equipment you have on hand, you have a few options when cleaning the clutch on your snowmobile. The easiest and quickest way to remove dirt from your snowmobile is with an air compressor. However, most people don’t have their own air compressor in their homes. As a result, this option is not always viable. 

If you don’t have an air compressor, or if your air compressor can’t remove all of the dirt from the clutch, use warm water. Water is excellent at stripping away dirt and dust from the metal surfaces in your snowmobile clutch. However, stubborn blockages may withstand a rinsing of water. 

When you have a stubborn build-up of dirt in your snowmobile clutch, you can spray brake cleaner to break up the soil. This should leave your clutch free from dirt so it can continue to operate. 

It’s important to remember that you should give your snowmobile clutch an extra rinse at the end of the cleaning process. This will ensure that none of the dirt remains in the engine or clutch after cleaning. Dirt that is not removed from the clutch will quickly cause a blockage to form. If this happens, it may damage the clutch or require cleaning again in a short amount of time. 

If you don’t regularly wash the clutch in your snowmobile, it may require a replacement. Replacing the clutch in your snowmobile could cost you anywhere from $200+ just for the new clutch. You may then need to pay for an expert to install the new clutch adding more to the cost. 

Therefore, it makes sense financially to spend a few minutes cleaning your snowmobile clutch every few hundred miles of use, preventing wear and tear from occurring. 

Final Thoughts 

Snowmobiles are a powerful and fun way of getting around on snowy terrain. However, snowmobiles operate a little differently from other motor vehicles. As a result, people are often left confused about how to maintain their new snowmobiles. When maintaining the clutch on your snowmobile, the first point to remember is to avoid using lubricant. 

Instead, you should clean your snowmobile clutch using brake cleaner, water, or an air compressor. This removes blockages and allows the clutch to function without any issues. You should clean the clutch regularly for best results.