The 8 Best Paddle Board Brands: Handpicked by Experts

If you live next to the ocean, you’ve probably made plenty of plans to spend time out on the water. Paddleboarding is an active and engaging hobby that will encourage you to explore more of the sea. Many people are enthusiastic about starting this hobby, but they aren’t quite sure where to begin.

Buying a paddleboard is definitely an investment. So, you want it to be one of the top paddle boards designed by a credible and experienced brand. We understand the importance of finding the perfect paddle board that you can spend the next several years riding the waves on.

This is why we’ve decided to provide you with help, so you’ll know you’re not making any mistakes before buying the best paddle board that suits your needs. We’ve outlined some of the top paddle board brands and what makes them so enjoyable by other boarders. Check out the 8 best paddle board brands that have been hand selected by experts.

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Types of Paddle Boards

If you were heading to the store and expecting to see only one type of paddle board sitting there, you’d find yourself very mistaken. There are several different types of paddle boards available for a variety of different purposes. In order to determine the best paddle board brands, we should first learn more about the different types of paddle boards available.

All-around Paddle Board

This paddle board is one of the most popular types of paddle boards in the store. It’s generally used as a board for beginner riders. If you consider yourself a novice at the paddle board game and aren’t quite sure what you want to use your paddle board for, this would be the best type to shop for.

Many people will use this type of paddle board when they’re still trying to learn how to paddle board. Learning how to stand up on a paddle board can be difficult for some newbies to learn, so these are great to train yourself on. They’re very durable and can handle almost any type of wave you decide to ride.

Once you start to get the hang of paddle boarding from riding an all-around board, you may realize what type of paddle boarding you want to pursue next. Then, you can purchase a certain type of paddle board for that specific interest.

Yoga Paddle Board

Yoga isn’t just done on land anymore. There are paddle boards created with yogis in mind. If you’re a pro at yoga and are looking for a new challenge, this could be a great board to purchase. It can help you learn how to properly steady yourself on the board as you conquer each pose.

When many yogis decide to use this board to practice their poses, they will also look into purchasing traction pads. These come in handy to help keep you a little more stable on the board since it will, of course, get slippery while you’re doing your yoga exercises on it. This is covered in more detail in our guide to paddle board yoga, along with some specific board recommendations.

Inflatable Paddle Board

A new type of paddle board that is becoming more popular with riders is the inflatable paddle board. A lot of travellers who like to experience paddle boarding in different bodies of water will invest in an inflatable paddle board. This is because it’s a lot easier to travel with them, since all you need to do is deflate them while taking them on a plane, boat, train, car, etc..

Once you get to the beach and are about to head on the water, you’ll just need to pump the paddle board up, and you’ll be ready to ride the waves. Many people enjoy these paddle boards as they won’t have to worry as much about storage since they can easily be deflated and stored almost anywhere.

Along with all-around paddle boards, inflatable boards are great for newbies. They can help you really get the hang of learning how to stand on a paddle board and navigate through whatever body of water you’re riding on.

Flatwater Paddle Board

These boards were made more for exploring rather than surfing. If you’re hoping to travel to faraway places in fatter water, this is a great one to pick out. They’re narrow and long, so they can handle long distances on water that is less choppy than most. Many paddle boarders enjoy taking this board out when they’re hoping to take different trips along the water.

Even though they’re sometimes intended for relaxing, long distance trips, they don’t travel slowly. Since they can take you along flatter waters, they will move quicker than others. So, you’ll want to stay steady and have a good grip on your balance. While you’re taking trips with this paddle board, you can carry along your camping supplies. Many of these paddle boards will include a storage area to store your various camping gear.

Fishing Paddle Board

While it’s fun to fish from a boat, did you know you can also fish from a paddle board as well? Many expert fishermen will grab a fishing paddle board and will cast a line straight from the board. It’s very easy to do this from a fishing paddle board since they are very stable and able to hold a fisherman while catching a fish.

You can even put all your fishing gear on the board as well since it contains plenty of storage for any gear to bring along on your fishing trip. Since these boards are made strictly for relaxing fishing trips, they don’t move very quickly. They were made more to hang out and enjoy a day of fishing on the ocean.

Paddle boards are made specifically for fishing, or you can set one up yourself. Check out our board and gear recommendations in our full guide to setting up your paddle board for fishing.

Touring Paddle Board

There are a lot of similarities between this touring paddle board and a flatwater paddle board. They are narrow and long since they were made for longer treks down the ocean. It can withstand fairly choppy waters, but only if the person paddling is fairly experienced.

This is why it isn’t recommended for rookie paddlers to use a touring paddle board. It’s been made to withstand rough waves but only if you’re able to navigate through them efficiently. You need to know how to use the board well to get through any type of waters that hit you while riding. This is why it’s recommended to buy a novice board to get the hang of riding a basic paddle board as you work your way up to this one.


Ready to shred some waves? That can be done on a surf paddle board. These are also called surf performance boards. They are fairly simple to operate and are available in many different sizes, depending on your own size and experience. You’ll find yourself moving a bit slower than most on these. They’re shaped more like an egg rather than narrow and long like the others.

Since they’re known as surf paddle boards, they can handle different types of waves. Be sure to spend a lot of time practising your paddle boarding on calmer waters before enduring wavy waters. Wipeouts are never a fun experience. 

Best Paddle Board Brands

Now that we’ve learned about the different types of paddle boards, it’s time to check out the expert-approved paddle board brands. A lot of these brands sell many different paddle board types like the ones we’ve previously discussed. Check out the different brands and what paddle boards types they sell to figure out which could be perfect for you to purchase.

Tower Paddle Boards

Are you an avid viewer of the television series, “Shark Tank”? If so, you’re probably fairly aware of this brand. They were featured on this show, where they received a large sum of money to expand as a company.

Tower Paddle Boards are dedicated to helping build your level of fitness all while encouraging you to gain more experience on a stand up paddle board. They specialize in inflatable paddle boards that are designed to navigate different types of waters fairly easy. Since they’re inflatable, they are easy to store and travel around with.

Many of them will come with a paddle and hand pump to help you inflate the paddle board fairly quickly. It’s easy to assume that because these paddle boards are inflatable, they must not be very sturdy or durable. They were actually created with fairly solid material, and many have found them to last a respectable amount of time.

The paddle boards created by this brand are known to impressively pump the paddle board in approximately two to three minutes. This means you spend less time prepping for the paddle boarding expedition and more time on the water. You’ll also find these boards to include a lot of different non-slip top covers, making it easier for first-timers to learn to ride on these boards.


This is another popular brand of paddle boards that experts are often recommending. Many of their boards are inflatable and aren’t too complex to use. The incredibly unique feature of these paddle boards is that they can easily be turned into a kayak. Many other paddle board creators don’t have this ability, which is what makes iRocker stand out so strongly.

This brand is very passionate about its paddle boarders becoming more adventurous and experimental in the way paddle boards are used. This is why they make transitioning from board to kayak so simple. They believe this is a great way to keep riders active and out on the water longer.

Many of their boards were made to be more relaxing and can travel fairly long distances to see a lot of the ocean. A lot of their flat boards are considered flatwater paddle boards. Several of their boards will include pumps that make it very quick and easy to pump these paddle boards up for an efficient paddle boarding experience.

BIC Sport

Wait, are these the same people who create the popular ballpoint pens? The answer is yes. BIC has expanded its horizons and builds popular sports gear. They’re known as BIC Sport and create a lot of equipment dedicated to watersports. They have already started to capture the attention of avid paddle boarders and are selling more and more of these paddle board products.

They have sold various types of active gear like surfboards, windsurfing equipment and more. BIC Sport now sells paddle boards for all kinds of paddle board types.

Below are the types of paddle boards they sell:

  • Yoga paddle boards
  • Surf performance paddle boards
  • All-around paddle boards

This brand works to include a variety of paddle boarders from experienced to less experienced. They want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to get on the water and enjoy themselves.

Almost all of the paddle boards this brand creates are incredibly durable. For a very sturdy paddleboard, they are lightweight. So, you can easily travel back and forth with them as well as ride easily on various waves without it feeling too heavy. They sell boards that are also inflatable and make it easier to learn more tricks and abilities while riding them.

Many paddle boarders enjoy these boards as they are very simple to travel with. Several of the BIC Sport boards will contain carrying handles that make them easier to transport from beach to beach.


Since “surf” is right in the name, it’s no surprise that this brand is committed to creating different watersport equipment, including surf boards. Their work with paddle boards is also something their proud of as they build boards to fit many different people’s needs. Their speciality lies in all-around boards. Surftech has released approximately fifteen all-around boards for purchase so far.

This brand is fairly well-known for its creativity and design skills. Each board is made with an incredibly unique design. A lot of the boards are sleek, slick and stable. Many of their boards are perfect for rookies to test out and learn how to use for the first time.

In fact, it’s very popular for people to choose this brand when they’re trying to teach themselves how to ride a paddle board and to learn which type of paddle boarding they’d like to engage in. These boards have the best shape that are sturdy enough to handle various water and wave-types.

Naish at Stand On Liquid

This brand comes straight from Hawaii and has created numerous types of watersport equipment. They’re also well-known for selling windsurfing and kite boards. If you are looking to make an investment in some high-quality boards, these may be great for you to look into purchasing.

If you are still a novice to paddleboarding, these aren’t the best ones for your first-time. These boards have been created with experienced boarders in mind. This brand sells a lot of surf performer boards that are created for people that have been paddle boarding for years and are ready to step up their game.

If you’re looking into boards to practice your yoga skills on, these are great to check out as well. They are often built fairly sturdy and can hold someone who is looking to practice various poses while out on the water.


This brand consists of board makers who are passionate about paddle boards. They are constantly working to make paddle boards that are unlike any others. Not only do they build impressive paddle boards, but they are very motivated in bringing paddle boarders all over the world together.

Once you purchase a paddle board from them, you’re encouraged to join their paddle boarding community. Stand on Liquid sells one of their, the 11’ Mermaid by Yolo.

Their boards are known to be beautifully and uniquely designed and most of them are inflatable. They’re very sturdy, durable and reliable. Some of their boards have been created with the beginner paddle boarder in mind, while others focus more on experienced boarders. They’ve created a lot of touring boards to help train paddle boarders to ride their paddle board quickly.

Jimmy Styles (Styks)

This brand is known to please an abundance of paddle boarders. The Jimmy Styles brand (also known as Jimmy Stykes) creates boards that are well-designed. They are also very sturdy and durable so many paddle boarders find them easy to balance on. Many of their boards are great for beginners to test out due to the sturdiness.

A lot of their boards are inflatable and easy to set up at the beginning of the day and then deflate and take apart at the end of the day. Their inflatable boards can also fit easily inside of a bag for simple transport.

Paddle boarders that have a lot more experience will also appreciate these boards as many of the Jimmy Styles’ boards are made for those who have been paddling for years. They have been created to help these experienced paddlers enhance any pre existing skills. 

Isle SUP

This brand is considered to be rather interesting, but impressive by most experts. It first began in a storage unit and is now a very popular paddle board company. Their boards are available in a wide variety of shapes and colors. These boards are incredibly well-made and are ready for several different outings on the water.

They were created for both beginner and expert paddle boarders in mind but are a little more on the expensive side than most other boards. This is why a lot of experts recommend purchasing these if you’re more experienced. Look into purchasing cheaper boards made for novices.

We don’t want you spending a large investment on a paddle board if you’re only trying this new hobby out for now and may not enjoy it later down the line.

Things to Keep in Mind When Buying A Paddle Board

Whether you’re an expert or beginner at purchasing paddle boards, you’ll need to be fairly picky when choosing one to buy. If you don’t search for one that could fit the particular needs that are right for you, then you may end up dissatisfied with your board. If you’re not pleased with the board, then it can feel like a waste of a purchase.

We want to keep you from feeling this way, so we’ve outlined a few different factors you should keep in mind when you go to purchase your own paddle board.

Your Height and Weight 

This very important to keep in mind as you’ll want your board to be sturdy and easy to paddle. If you’re shorter, you’ll want to find a board that is thinner and shorter. This way, it’ll be easier for this board to balance you the best and can help you with paddling a little more efficiently throughout the water.

It’s fairly easy to tell if your weight is the proper amount for the specific board you’ll be riding on. Many paddle boards have the weight limit listed on the board before you purchase, so you should be aware early on if you’re the proper weight. Most paddle boards can handle a large amount of weight.

You mainly want to be particular about the amount of weight on the board if you’re paddling with more than one person. Check out our guide to choosing the right size paddle board.

Length and Width of the Board

If you’re just starting out on a paddle board, you’ll want to consider purchasing one that is wider than the others. This can help you stay a little more stable on the board as you learn how to balance yourself throughout your paddle board ride. The more experienced you become on the paddle board, the thinner you’ll want it to be in order to challenge and strengthen your skillset.

To travel quickly along the water, a very long paddleboard is needed. They are known to help you move fast on the water. You’ll find many touring boards that are longer and well-suited for racing. If you’d rather surf or ride well on the waves, it’s recommended that you purchase a board that is shorter in length.

Traction Pads

Traction pads were invented for paddle boards to be easier to stand on. If you’re new to the paddle boarding game, you’ll want to test out a paddle board that has a traction pad so you won’t slip on it very easily while paddling. Traction pads are also helpful for yoga boards since they help keep you stable on the wet board while performing different poses.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Buy to Paddle board?

Believe it or not, you may need more than just the paddleboard when you decide to head out on the water. There are several different accessories many people will decide to bring with them when they paddleboard. Below are a few items that may be helpful for you to bring along with you.


Some people choose to endure paddle boarding during seasons other than summer. Many will paddle board in the fall or winter. Obviously, the temperature outside and in the water can get increasingly cold throughout this time of year. If you plan to paddle board during this time, a wetsuit may be the best option for you. We have some recommendations for paddle boarding in colder weather.


If you’re a beginner at paddleboarding and aren’t confident in your skills quite yet, look into purchasing a leash. If you end up falling off of the board for any reason, you won’t lose it if you have a leash. You’ll be attached to the board, which can come in handy when the waves are severely rough and choppy.

You can purchase a coil leash that stretches when you fall off and stays coiled up when you’re actually paddle boarding. This way, it won’t be dragging behind you, which could distract you or cause you harm while paddle boarding. You can also buy a standard leash that most surfers will use. It most likely won’t tangle, though they do happen to drag in the water.


Some paddle boards will have accessory kits that already come with their overall purchase. Most of these will include certain items like hand pumps and paddles. When purchasing a paddle, you want it to be a proportionate length, so you’re able to best transport yourself on the board. If you want a custom paddle, check out the Abahub paddles on Amazon or visit the Super Paddles store on Amazon.

You’ll want the T-grip of your paddle’s handle to reach your wrist. This is how you’ll know your paddle is the perfect size for you to paddle properly with. If you’re a surfer or racer though, you’ll want to find paddles that are smaller than this that will give you more room to paddle a lot more efficiently.

Some paddles you’ll find are adjustable. You may be able to adjust them to various lengths to make it a little easier for you to move around to fit more of your comfort level. There are also fixed-length paddles. These can’t be adjusted and are available in one size only. Some paddle boarders prefer this type of paddle. This is usually because they’re lighter this way, so it makes them easier to paddle with.

Picking the Best Paddle Board Brands

Paddle boarding can be an incredibly fun and engaging activity to take part in. If you enjoy this hobby enough, you end up paddle boarding regularly for a long amount of time. In that case, you’ll want to purchase a paddle board that fits your exact needs and is the perfect type for you. Be sure to carefully examine the different types of brands and the various types of paddle boards they have available so you can handpick one just for you.

Final thoughts

With so many choices, be sure to not fall into the analysis paralysis trap. Do your research, visit a store or two if you have any nearby, or order your board and accessories online.

Then get out there, stay safe and have fun.

AquaSportsPlanet is an Amazon Associate. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We maintain many other affiliate relationships. Full statement here.

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