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What Are The Fastest Stock Jet Skis? 2023 Update!

Personal watercraft are rapidly growing in popularity, and new purchases have increased for 5 straight years. If you are thinking about buying a PWC now and speed matters as much to you as it does to me, you’ll want to know which jet skis are fastest straight from the factory. 

The top three fastest stock jet skis are the Sea-Doo RXP-X, the Yamaha GP 1800R SVHO, and the Kawasaki 310 R. These three models boast ultimate performance and speed in stock trim. Top speeds are listed at 67 mph, but 71 mph can be reached. Acceleration is face-ripping at 0-60 in under 3 seconds.

While the US market requires manufacturers to limit top speeds to 67 mph, that? applies to tests with a specific amount of fuel. But trimmed to lowest weight in ideal conditions and due to slight variances in engine tolerances, these 3 can top out a little over 70 mph in stock form.

For many riders, the initial zero to 30 and zero to 60 performance is more important for riding fun.

Do personal watercraft need to be fast?

For me, this is a definite yes. But fun can be had on many models that can’t hit these tops speeds. Some riders think the 60 hp Sea Doo Spark is one of the most fun watercraft ever built. I have a good friend that spends so much time on his Spark Trixx models that he sold his GTX 300 Limited.

Deciding to buy a jet ski is a rather significant financial commitment. If you are not going to be competing in any racing or PWC sports competitively but want the exhilaration of speed, these top three fastest skis are worth looking at.

And if factory stock speeds aren’t fast enough for you, there are some pretty easy modifications that can get these three up to 75-80 mph for not a lot more money.

All of these PWC brands are tried and tested for durability and have long engine life. PWC builds have come a long way over the last 10 years. Our 2 Sea Doo RXPX and RXT units are 6 years old, have 210 and 150 hours on them, and still pull 69 mph. We rebuilt one supercharger at 200 hrs, and routine annual service has been the only other costs.

Do keep in mind fuel costs though. While most skis run on regular octane unleaded, performance models usually require premium. Some marinas don’t have storage room for 93 octane tanks, so consumption, cost and availability are all factors.

So buying the fastest skis on the market doesn’t mean you are getting high-strung hard to maintain skis that require a lot of work. Instead, expect reliable and ultra fast fun.

Let’s take a look at the top three fastest jet skis from each manufacturer in more detail.

Sea Doo RXT and RXP on trailer
Sea Doo ups HP one year after we bought these. 2021 market shortages prevent upgrading.

What is the Fastest Yamaha PWC

Yamaha Motor Co. is synonymous with outdoor sportsranging from rally cars, dirt bikes to outboard motors and boating. Jet skis made by Yamaha are reliable and very well built. Since their first jet ski in 1986, the Wave Runner 500, Yamaha has helped to define the PWC culture.

The current fastest stock Yamaha jet ski is the WaveRunner GP 1800 SVHO. It is an impressive jet ski to look at but let’s look at what you are buying.

  • Top Speed – 69 mph
  • Fuel Capacity – 18 gal (70L)
  • Length – 11 ft (3.35m)
  • Dry Weight – 771 lb (350 kg)
  • Engine size – 1812 cc 4 stroke engine.
  • Passenger capacity – 1 to 3 persons.
  • Engine life – between 300 to 500 hours.
  • Base Price – $14,749

This latest Yamaha uses unique NanoXcel2 materials that produce a reduction in weight of 18%, giving this jet ski a greater weight to power output ratio. It allows for sharper cornering and excellent handling.

At full throttle, you can expect your Yamaha WaveRunner to burn around 17-18 gallons of fuel per hour. This ratio will significantly decrease at lower speeds. When your PWC is due for a service, the fuel consumption ratios tend to be a little higher. 

What is the Fastest Sea-Doo PWC 

Manufactured by Bombardier, the Canadian brand Sea-Doo is a very well-known brand of PWC’s. Sea-Doo is the epitome of speed, reliability, and durability in the water sports equipment market. The latest Sea-Doo does not disappoint even the biggest skeptic.

The current fastest stock Sea-Doo jet ski for 2021 is the Sea-Doo RXP-X 300. This extraordinary machine is not only a pleasure to look at but will produce exhilaration and performance that is unmatched. Let us look at the RXP-X statistics.

  • Top Speed – 70 mph
  • BHP – 300 hp
  • Fuel capacity – 18 gal (70L)
  • Length – 10 ft 9” (3.3m)
  • Dry Weight –780 lb (354 kg)
  • Engine size – Rotax 1630 ACE
  • Passenger capacity – 3 persons
  • Engine life – 300 to 500 hours
  • Base Price – $15,799

This Sea-Doo jet ski with its impressive Rotax engine can blast from 0 to 50mph in under 3 seconds. This not only makes it the fastest top-speed jet ski but also the fastest accelerating PWC. There are 3 performance modes to choose from: standard, Eco and our favorite-Sport Mode.

Launching our new 2022 RXPX Triple Black!

If running at wide open throttle (WOT) or constant turns and acceleration are your cup of tea, the Sea-Doo RXP X300’s Rotax motor will burn around 18-20 gallons of fuel per hour. This is an average consumption rate if you are going full-throttle on the water the whole time. The consumption rate will drop significantly depending on the speed and mode.

We rarely get much more than an hour out of a tank from our RX’s. Strapping on an extra fuel tank from Sea Doo is a good idea if you want to extend your range. Hauling a refueling can around can also extend the fun if you’ve towed to a more remote location to ride.

What is the Fastest Kawasaki Jet Ski?

Kawasaki started manufacturing jet skis in 1973, releasing the first mass-produced PWC called the JS 400. Since then, they have refined their craft and have been a steady competitor in the PWC market. 

Kawasaki is known for its reliable jet skis and has been very visible for decades in both the leisure and competitive water sports fields. 

The current fastest PWC in the Kawasaki stable is an impressive jet ski, the Kawasaki Ultra 310R boasting a 4 stroke DOHC engine with four cylinders.

This jest ski is touted to be the best in open waters for both performance and agility. Let’s have a look at the details of this model;

  • Top Speed – 69 mph
  • Fuel capacity – 20 gal (77L)
  • Length – 11 ft (3.35m)
  • Dry Weight – 1050 lb (476kg)
  • Engine size – 1498cc with a 4 stroke/4-cylinder DOHC
  • Passenger capacity – 3 persons 
  • Engine life – 300 to 500 hours
  • Base Price – $18,200

This Kawasaki does not disappoint. It is a colossal machine, impressive to look at, and it is a powerful performer on the water. It has excellent handling and agility with its unique design modifications. 

The latest Kawasaki has an Eco feature that assists in fuel economy at a leisurely pace of under 60 mph. This is an excellent way forward in lower carbon emissions.

The Kawasaki has a potent engine, and therefore at full throttle, you can expect to be burning at least 18-20 gallons per hour. 

Which Is The Top Performing Personal Watercraft?

All three, the top speed PWC’s are great machines, and any one of them will serve you well. However, there can only be one top speed jet ski so let’s look at which one is the fastest of the three top-rated PWC’s;

TOP SPEED          1           2            3
FASTEST ACCELERATION          1           3            2
LOWEST PRICE          3           1            2
LOWEST WEIGHT         2            1            3

The Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 comes out as number one for the fastest accelerating and fastest overall stock jet ski in production currently available. It has a reasonable price tag and medium weight. The Sea-Doo is considered to be one of the most reliable jet skis you can buy. 

The Yamaha WaveRunner GP1800 SVHO comes in as number two in the lineup. It has a great top speed, mid-range price tag, and is known for quality. Many professional racers prefer Yamaha due to their involvement in all types of sport, after-sales service, and availability. 

The Kawasaki Ultra 310 comes in as the third-fastest stock jet ski. It has an excellent price tag, fantastic design, and powerful engine. The latest Kawasaki jet skis have been put through rigorous testing, and since this machine is much bigger and heavier than the Sea-Doo and Yamaha, it is a good choice for the open ocean.

Of course, you always go faster with aftermarket parts!

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

We store all of skis off-season on battery tenders. I use 5 Battery Tender Juniors, but when I upgrade, it will be to the 4 unit model below. Any of these will work perfectly to preserve your battery’s longevity and prevent bad surprises on your next outing.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:


Whether you are a well-seasoned PWC rider or a professional racer, there is no doubt that the Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 will satisfy your speed requirements and is very well priced, and will not hurt your pocket. 

The Yamaha and the Kawasaki will give you an above 65mph performance which is still very good. If these brands are more familiar to you, you will still have a jet ski that is in the top 3 fastest on the water. 

There are so many factors to consider when buying a jet ski: size, price, reliability, after-sales service, track record, and overall performance of their product range. 

However, if going full throttle, high speed, and acceleration is your top priority, the Sea-Doo RXP-X 300 is hands down the jet ski for you as the fastest stock jet ski on the market. But i wouldn’t turn down the option to buy either of the other two in this market with supply shortages.

Fun can be had on slower skis. These Sparks provide tons of fun without breaking the fuel budget.

The key to keeping your ski running at top speed is regular service, maintenance and timely repairs. Grab a shop manual from eManualOnline below for your specific ski if you have some DIY plans or want to save money on maintenance and repairs.

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